Same day distribution models determine the cost for same day delivery

Demand for same day delivery continues the upward trajectory with permanent customer behavior changes across North America. Initially driven by consumer preference, but now accelerated by COVID-19 lockdowns, the shift is critical for ongoing public health and safety. The same day delivery industry grew more in three months than was expected in three years. It is a diverse field of providers from smaller venture startups to titans of the industry.

What sets TForce Logistics apart is the unique specialty in final mile combined with asset light and strategic network density. As venture capital dried up and models crumbled, smaller delivery companies are exiting the market. Other delivery networks are out of their element in true same day delivery scenarios. Enter TForce Logistics with a battle-tested final mile model, excelling in same day delivery across ecommerce, medical, financial and business to business distribution.

The combination of transportation intelligence and technology allows greater speed of execution with complete transparency to the model. An established network with metropolitan-dense warehouses provides customers with low-cost same day shipping solutions. The initial groundwork is in place to support the shift from distant, large warehouses to smaller warehouses closer to the customers. With a network of 70+ locations, TForce Logistics commands a density driven pricing structure that results in lower shipping cost. This results in affordable same day shipping options for everyone from small to large businesses.

Recent research from Statista evaluated the size of the final mile industry from 2018 to extrapolate a potential 2022. In 2018, the industry was valued at 31.2 billion US dollars and predicted to reach 51 billion US dollars by 2022. Our volume-dense model already caught up to meet the expected 2022 demand accelerated by market conditions. A combination of our asset-light model and demand from industries results in the decreased shipping cost for our clients. Ecommerce space is one example of demand favoring our model, in 2019 US online retailers sold 365.2 billion US dollars with projections for 2024 to reach 600 billion US dollars. TForce Logistics has seen success as demand grows because of our decreased labor cost, and public adoption of faster delivery options.

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