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The Era of Ecommerce


There were a few things about the past year that presented some unseen, unheard, unthinkable challenges. But what about opportunity? Let’s take a closer look at the latest buzz in ecommerce.

Quick facts: 

  • Between Q1 and Q2, Shopify observed an increase in new stores created on its platform
  • By the end of March, 80% of Shopify merchants used a 3rd party app to help them run day to day operations
  • 92% of consumers have shopped online since the beginning of the Pandemic. 
  • Leading most of these trends? Young consumers. 

Retailers all over the globe have turned to contactless payment, curbside pickup, even finding creative ways to deliver goods straight to their consumers homes. Cue: final mile. There is no question that 2020 has accelerated the growth of the ecommerce industry by a decade. 

Put plainly: 

“We're on the brink of a new era of commerce." -Shopify



Step up on Supply Chain

Vaccine Supply Chain

Two vaccines have been approved for distribution by the FDA. While there are millions that await the vaccine, the question at the forefront of minds remains: How does it get there, here, how will it get anywhere?

Yet again, the world turns their head as the supply chain takes center stage to tackle the challenges of distributing, transporting, and delivering the long-anticipated COVID-19 vaccines. More importantly, the nation turns its head to final mile solutions.

Jason Burns, First Vice President of the Customized Logistics & Delivery Association (CLDA), says, “…the 3,500 companies that provide last-mile deliveries will be the key.” 

Some challenges, zero secrets: 

  • Not a secret: With a boom in ecommerce this holiday season, competition for vehicles and drivers is steep.
  • A challenge: Both the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine and the Moderna vaccine are temperature sensitive: 
    • Pfizer vaccine must be held at -94 degrees F
    • Moderna vaccine must be held at -4 degrees F
  • Another challenge: Security threats put drivers and the vaccine at risk with every move
    • The black market lies in wait as many supply chains up their security measures with back up camera’s, in vehicle camera’s, and more visibility to warehouse operations to protect precious cargo.

Final mile companies continue to prove a key player in healthcare logistics. Telemedicine, paired with final mile delivery sets a compelling scene for healthcare well into the future. 

Put plainly

“Healthcare will increasingly be delivered in peoples’ homes and the final mile industry will play a key role in making that happen.” -Jason Burns



5 Marks the Spot


Let's move on from 2020, shall we? Instead, let us investigate the future of 2021. Predictions have been cast for hot trends, market challenges, and consumer behavior. Are you in the loop? 

1. Inventory, inventory, inventory: foreign imports have outpaced domestic sales, resulting in a replenishment and buildup of retailer inventory. Savvy retailers are using brick and mortar stores as miniature warehouses.

2. Pre-transaction focus: reverse logistics saw exponential growth in 2020 into 2021, leading many retailers to seek creative ways of reducing costs for returns. 

3. Made for you: Amazon recently launched ‘Made for You’ offering made-to order custom fit t-shirts in an effort to curb clothing reverse-logistics costs while delivering a delightful experience.

4. Supply chain CEO: supply chain experts that can manage fragmented retail sales across multiple channels are rising to executive level ranks in many organization. If you're looking for a C-suite promotion, try beefing up your knowledge as a supply chain expert.

5. Malls get clever: failing malls have transformed into ecommerce distribution centers, with offices, gyms and even medical centers. 

Put plainly:

“There have been a ton of retail supply chain changes this past year. Some will last, others will not. Let’s collectively lick our wounds and look forward.” -Andrew Cox


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