Re-Delivered: Planting Seeds for Business Growth Spring 2022


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Big Opportunities for Small and Medium Businesses


You've seen neighborhood delivery vans for big retailers and chain restaurants, but they aren't the only ones who need to wow customers with their deliveries. Small and medium sized businesses need to provide fantastic service in final mile as well! 


Quick facts: 

  • Demand for delivery is up 74% over the last three years.
  • 71% of Americans expect timely delivery of online purchases from retailers, despite any supply chain issues and delays.
  • Demand for delivery isn't slowing down, even with more businesses reopening.


Put plainly: 


“If you’re a new business selling anything from handcrafted furniture to healthy salads, you want your customers to have a positive experience when receiving your product.”
-Khaled Naim, Co-Founder and CEO of Onfleet



At-Home Delivery Remains King for Customers

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A new study published by Pitney Bowes shows that customers prefer at-home delivery over curbside options. Curbside delivery has grown in popularity over the last two years as an easy way for shoppers to avoid crowded stores, especially for groceries. However, shoppers prefer at-home delivery over curbside when they have free shipping and flexibility over their delivery times.


Quick Facts: 

  • 64% of consumers still prefer at-home delivery vs 23% who prefer curbside.
  • More than half of shoppers say that free delivery on home shipping influences their decision to use it instead of curbside pickup.


Put plainly


"While consumers like curbside pickup for time-sensitive or bulky items, our research found that nearly two-thirds of consumers will generally choose home delivery over curbside pickup, despite having to wait."
-Vijay Ramachandran, VP Market Strategy for Global Ecommerce at Pitney Bowes



Plant Your Seeds for E-Comm Growth


Ecommerce growth is showing no signs of slowing down and retailers must invest in their final mile delivery operations to keep up with demand according to a new whitepaper published by Roadie. In it, Roadie says businesses need to develop a strategy and adapt operations to meet short and long term demand and that offering longer shipping times that are less costly for the consumer but are more accurate is preferable to two-day shipping guarantees that are unprofitable. 

The Stats: 

  • Consumers who purchased less than 25% of their goods online before the pandemic have increased online purchases by 343%.
  • 57% of retailers have added at least one delivery partner in the past year.
  • 81% of retailers are planning to spend more on last-mile initiatives over the next 12 months.


Put plainly:


“I think over the next two to five years, the growth of micro-fulfillment centers is going to be explosive. You’re going to see it in grocery, and you’re going to see it in general retail to an even greater extent.”
-Jerry Sheldon, Analyst at IHL Group

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