The future of same day delivery in ecommerce


In 2020 shopping habits shifted dramatically from brick and mortar store visits to ecommerce purchases on mobile devices and computers. Accustomed to Amazon’s two day delivery, customers traded the speed of picking up an item from the store for the convenience of online shopping. But customers are driving more than ecommerce volume, they are closing the gap between purchase and speed of delivery. And that is accelerating acceptance of and demand for reliable, frictionless same day delivery. The future is now. 

For the last 50 years TForce Logistics has anticipated and adapted to the speed with which consumers want their products. Two day and increasingly even next day delivery is no longer quick enough. Same day delivery has become the preferred option when consumers are shopping online. As a leader and innovator in the final mile delivery process, we structured our long-term business plans to meet the ecommerce demand for same day delivery. Our committed approach includes a specialized support team starting with our same day sales associates.

In this new era, digital supply chains will face new challenges. At TForce, we have allocated and refined resources to support ecommerce since the 2010s. By preparing for the ecommerce-driven delivery shifts we are your partner in navigating the ever-changing structure and velocity of digital supply chains. Our proprietary software identifies regions to strategically place our next warehouses staging products closer to your customers; when they are ready to order we can deliver at low-cost. Our model is designed to provide speed to the end consumer at a competitive rate and with significant volume both today and tomorrow.

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