Same day shipping requires a different business model

The first tidal wave in ECommerce hit the industry early in Q1, causing a shift in shipping and supply chain practices from a business to business (B2B) focus, to business to consumer (B2C) as consumer were forced to retreat to the safety of their homes.

Ecommerce retailers have faced the new challenge of increased volume, rising shipping costs, tighter capacity, and a surging demand for same day delivery as consumers turn to online platforms for essential home goods and staples. To meet the needs of digital customers, logistics firms must find a way to compliment typical national distribution centers with smaller facilities that are located closer to the customer. TForce Logistics made this network adjustment with 70+ locations allowing ecommerce retailers to make B2C same day deliveries with very competitive pricing. The consumer has always wanted faster delivery speeds but wasn’t willing to pay the price. Now with same day deliveries of essential goods a priority, same-day final mile service is increasingly preferred. The TForce final mile network and model allow leverage against rising cost with fast delivery speed.

Our unique density distribution model compared to traditional parcel carriers results in a more economical and dependable delivery for retailers and consumers. As a scalable solutions provider, we readily expanded to meet the increased demand from ecommerce. Our tenure and experience give our customers a confidence and reliability advantage with same day shipping. Now that the North America market demand for same day shipping has exploded, our proven business model is emerging as “the best kept secret.” The post COVID-19 economy has accelerated demand for same day delivery. Traditional retailers and ecommerce sellers have recognized this shift and are embracing our model to remain competitive and deliver enduring value.


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