Delighting the Customer is the Key to Successful Final Mile


An article in Supply Chain Brain proposed this important question: “As last-mile delivery becomes an increasingly important part of the brand promise, how can it be leveraged to delight the customer? How do you transform delivery drivers into brand ambassadors*?”

We as a company are committed to creating quality customer experiences across the board, from the way we serve our direct customer, to the way our professional delivery partners interact with end consumers. We understand the important relationship between final mile delivery and quality of customer care and have modeled our organization to implement exceptional customer service practices. It’s imperative to us that our delivery partners act as an extension of every company we represent.

Home delivery is the last stage of final mile and possibly the one human interaction in the e-commerce and supply chain process. Delighting the customer has become critical in establishing a real relationship between e-commerce entities and the consumer. This human touch point is a huge way in which a delivery company can separate themselves from competitors and exceed the expectations of consumers.

Who are these consumers? Well, they are people like you. We are consumers too and aim to treat every customer as if they were a friend or family member. Retail giants like Amazon and Walmart among many other e-commerce competitors, employ supply chain methods to deliver your much-anticipated items to you whether it’s directly from a retail store or from a warehouse. We work hand in hand with quality logistics coordinators and supply chain systems that allows us to pick up and drop off items in a timely manner. Maybe a large piece of furniture is on its way to your home and a two-man delivery team arrives to place the item in your living room. That entire experience can make or break your opinion of the company you purchased the product from and whether or not you will purchase from them again. Our delivery teams aim to make the experience convenient, helpful, and friendly for you especially when crossing the threshold into your home.

TForce understands that now more than ever is the time to hand deliver your packages with a smile and to be able to communicate accurate delivery times, real-time notifications, and friendly service end to end. This includes delivery of small parcels as well as the large item deliveries that may require an extra service like white glove delivery. Our promise is to Deliver Strong and to do everything we can possible to transport and deliver your packages safe and sound. Every single delivery matters. Every customer matters.

So how do our professional delivery partners become brand ambassadors? We are a customer-focused company. That means every interaction should be a positive and memorable one. Every delivery partner is a professional in this field and acts as an extension of each partner company. Many of our professional delivery partners bring years of experience to their work and take pride in the way they deliver happiness to people every day. TForce’s driving force is a cut above the rest with a commitment to DELIVER STRONG throughout every route and that delight is brought to every customer. TForce is more than just a delivery company. We help businesses thrive in a fast-paced world and evolve our systems to match the ever-changing needs of consumers and partner with professionals who truly care. The relationship between a delivery person and the consumer has become more valuable than ever. As logistics experts, we know that every customer experience should be a top priority and ultimately achieving that goal, is what will set our services apart and is what will aid e-commerce businesses to grow. When consumers receive goods in a timely manner, enclosed in nice packaging, and by way of a friendly face, consumers will come back to shop online, again and again. Without a brick-and-mortar store and a “Thanks for stopping by” upon checkout, a shopper may just need a trusted smile from the guy or gal with the TForce shirt on to realize that they are appreciated and that their purchase matters, that they matter, after all.

*Source: Supply Chain Brain


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