What is data integrity and why is it important?



The reliability of data is paramount to final mile delivery. With food delivery apps like Instacart and Postmates, consumers are able to see who is delivering their food, where it is during its route and when it arrives. From GPS real-time maps, text notifications, and emails, communication and the accuracy of data are what businesses and the customer want and now have come to expect. Meeting expectations and providing an exceptional customer experience is what will make or break a new app or delivery service. In our case, e-commerce retailers are looking to keep up and follow suit with same-day and stat deliveries.

 It all comes down to the fact that consumers do not want to wait. The ease of online shopping means you can buy almost anything and expect it to arrive within 2 hours or less in some cases. The yoga pants you bought online can arrive in 2 hours or less if you don’t want to wait two days. Even larger items like mattresses and televisions can be delivered on-demand due to emerging warehouse capacity sharing programs that can ship out from multiple locations.

 The question is, why is the data important? Our direct customers are businesses who need a variety of same-day, direct to consumer, last mile deliveries. We design programs to make that easy for them. The key ingredient is data. Our systems are only as smart as the data it receives. Every single data point must be properly communicated to be able to offer shipping transparency. Each facet of our company is committed to the integrity of our data to ensure the very best experiences for our customers and their customers.

 From the request for an item to the scan on the truck to the estimated delivery time to driver assignments and notifications, every part of the process relies on valuable and accurate information that moves back and forth from dispatch and driver and then back to our customer. Delivery professionals use a company app to confirm pick-ups, delivery times, and point of delivery during every step of the way. Efficiency and transparency are the results of accurate information exchange and we are committed to ensuring seamless shipping with reliable data.

 Our employees are trained to follow the data integrity program and our delivery professionals and carrier partners complete an orientation to ensure compliance with all of our supply chain processes. Accuracy is imperative for logistics, especially when serving our healthcare critical customers who need real-time tracking data for organ transplants and medical supplies. Our investment in top of the line resources allows us to constantly improve efficiency and to learn from challenges of the past. We listen to our customers and work hard to achieve data integrity for a quality logistics program. Our goal is to help businesses thrive and to go above and beyond for every customer by ensuring reliable and accurate data communication. This commitment is what sets TForce apart from competitors in the industry and allows us to provide reliable real-time data and exceptional delivery services.

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