Ecommerce Is Drastically On The Rise

Ecommerce has grown drastically in the last decade with a significant rise in demand throughout this period. Within the past four years, consumers continue to push for the convenience of shopping online, with the addition of same day delivery expectations.  

Adapting to the market, ecommerce needs to offer both dependable and affordable delivery to ensure customer satisfaction. No longer do we live in the days where one giant distribution center can service a large geographic area, instead smaller warehouses that are closer to the end consumer are required to deliver products quickly and at a low cost. This allows the consumer to have access to faster delivery options at a lower rate. Market trends have trained the end consumer to expect faster delivery options with little to no increased cost. A true online retailer will differentiate from competitors by offering this low-cost same day delivery. 

The final mile market is growing substantially as we move into a post COVID-19 environment. In fact, in the past 2-3 months we have seen a significant boom, or shift, to ecommerce from your traditional retailer, our initial expectations was that this shift would of taken 2-3 years in normal economic conditions. With shelter in place mandates, consumers have avoided trips to stores and moved to online ordering of daily staples and essential goods.  This has driven a significant increase in same day deliveries. Our organization is adaptable, and our team embraces the change at quick speeds that shape the final mile industry. 

At TForce Logistics, we pioneered same day delivery that allows us scalable and rapid growth, all while continuing to provide the quality and value your customers deserve. We are an extension of your business and as an ambassador of your brand, we deliver the promise of your brand to your customers with a superior, on-time and efficient delivery experiences.

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