Evolution of E-Commerce, Social Media and Logistics

Darkstore – an urban fulfillment company and “invisible retailer” providing services for e-commerce brands, partnered with Nike to bring sneakers direct-to-consumer by way of Snapchat. Yes, you read that correctly – Sneakers purchased inside the Snapchat app. TechCrunch reported that this “collaboration of epic proportions pre-released the Air Jordan III “Tinker” on Snapchat with same-day delivery after an NBA All-Star game. This is the first time a brand other than Snap has sold a product via Snapchat.” How does this work? By creating limited edition products only available in one specific market and in this case it was, Los Angeles during the NBA All-Star Playoffs. Only certain individuals at a specific location would be prompted by Snapchat to be able to purchase these sneakers. Scarcity drives hype, which drives sales, which allowed Nike to sell out these sneaks in 23 minutes.


This new era of e-commerce is changing everything. Technology is evolving at light speed and social media is right behind it. It’s time for the evolution of traditional logistics to serve the needs of millennial consumers.

More and more, consumers are shopping via smartphone instead of on a desktop computer. Millennials trust Apple Pay, PayPal, and the cloud with their banking and credit card information – a far cry from the skepticism of Baby Boomers who still shred their mail with their home address printed on it. The trust is there for Gen X and Y. They want what they want now without the hassle of typing in their banking information. Mobile social apps now embed payment transactions seamlessly with profiles and images and these types of conveniences are only becoming more standard for the social sector.

How does this affect transportation and logistics? Buying limited edition products from apps like Snapchat means parcels must be delivered same-day as promised. Darkstore makes that possible by partnering with several final mile delivery companies to ensure products reach more markets and delivers items in less time. TForce offers urban fulfillment by way of 40 strategically positioned warehouse facilities to aid e-commerce businesses to be able to penetrate markets beyond a traditional fulfillment center model. No need to own a huge warehouse. A business can rent the space for a fraction of the cost, remain asset-light, and still be able to drive products to urban markets faster than ever before.

Our services help make what Snap, Nike, and Darkstore are offering possible. Same-day shipping and final mile delivery. Integrating shopping into mobile apps that consumers already frequently unite brands and consumers in more personal ways. Shopping is user-friendly, aligned with the type of social media each customer uses, and now a seamless process.

Our services help make e-commerce businesses succeed. Fast delivery builds consumer trust with brands and creates loyal customers. Help us help you bring your business to the next level. Partner with TForce today.

Source:  TechChrunch



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