Press Release: TForce Logistics and Shipium Partner

The two firms announce partnership to help improve flexibility and performance in the final mile of e-commerce deliveries

SEATTLE, Feb. 22, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- TForce Logistics, a leading final mile delivery provider for e-commerce, today announced a partnership with Shipium, the enterprise shipping platform for e-commerce retailers and 3PLs.


TForce Logistics is an asset-light final mile logistics and transportation provider with extensive coverage across the United States and Canada, with a focus on customization rather than standardization. The firm prioritizes flexible solutions paired with competitively priced same-day and next-day delivery services as the core solution available to the e-commerce industry.

Shipium shares a similar priority for flexibility within its modern shipping platform. Customers turn to Shipium when leveraging a multi-carrier strategy becomes a priority, and existing legacy tech proves to be an anchor on implementing the desired changes. Most customers transition from single-threading a national carrier to utilizing 6 carriers, on average, in their first quarter of using Shipium.

Companies who leverage TForce Logistics and Shipium see incredible performance boosts in their final mile strategy. Costs are reduced 15% on average when using a multi-carrier approach that includes TForce Logistics, while on-time-delivery jumps to 92% on average.

"A flexible, integrated final mile partner is essential in today's e-commerce industry," said Dean Mills, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at TForce Logistics. "The biggest challenge to customers gaining the value that we provide, is poor time-to-value with legacy technology. Shipium helps our customers adopt TForce Logistics faster, resulting in faster, cheaper, and more accurate shipping than if they were using a single carrier."

"Mitigating risk is a big area of focus for shippers in 2023," said Jason Murray, CEO of Shipium. "Modern operators get that, and they turn to providers like TForce Logistics to improve final mile performance while reducing risk in their system. I'm excited for Shipium to partner and bring their value to customers."


TForce Logistics, a wholly owned operating company of TFI International Inc., is the leading same-day final mile transportation solutions provider in North America, successfully delivering over 100 million shipments per year. Strategic advantage and value are delivered through the uniquely flexible and integrated supply chain partnership, matching customer network needs.

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Shipium is a the premium enterprise shipping platform for e-commerce. It coordinates previously disconnected steps of the supply chain to help improve delivery speed and accuracy, while reducing shipping costs 12% on average. Retailers turn to Shipium when they want to make a promise they can keep with accurate delivery dates, then keep the promise that they made with modern shipping software. Learn more at

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