5 Steps for Parcel to Post Delivery

Putting together a comprehensive supply chain logistics plan for your business comes with a multitude of challenges and opportunities. One of these opportunities is choosing a final mile provider with the right strategy for your needs. This is why businesses are optimizing the USPS delivery network through last mile delivery of post and parcel. In this model you have the benefits of reaching every doorstep with the speed of last mile experts. Parcel to post final mile delivery transports packages as quickly, accurately, and as affordably as possible. The last mile can make up more than half of the shipping cost because it involves more stops and different destinations vs large scale shipping to a single location. Why not use the biggest network in America and use the USPS? Here are five reasons why TForce Logistics, a final mile provider, increases speed to post office for faster delivery.


Start with the standard safe and timely delivery, now add real-time tracking. Customers want the ability to check the status of a delivery along the way. To meet these expectations, all tracking information is provided via scanning by both TForce Logistics and the USPS, at every step of the way.


Thanks to the second wave of internet, we live at a time where we expect packages within a few days of ordering. By zone-skipping, we reduce the total start to finish shipping time. By driving directly to the ideal post office, you meet the expected standard of same day/next day shipping.


To simplify, coverage is all about overlap. You want a carrier already going where you need to be. Find a network with couriers going to the post office closest to the houses and businesses you need to reach. TForce Logistics offers regional coverage with a national footprint in US and Canada to reach urban post locations. Metropolitan expertise is critical and access to strategic facilities provides rapid staging and turn around. More coverage puts you closer to your customers.

Lowered cost

Easily one of parcel to post delivery’s biggest appeal is the cost savings. By matching with the right network you can leverage distribution in a cost-sharing model. We consolidate your bulk mail and bring it to the local post with our interfacility linehaul.


You need flexible and customizable solutions to match your shipping. TForce Logistics is prepared for fluctuations like seasonality or changing just in time requirements. Life happens, that’s why we train backup drivers to keep our promises. It shouldn’t be a one size fits all approach and with TForce Logistics, small to large businesses can take advantage of USPS’s benefits.

TForce Logistics provides visibility, has an established network reaching 95% of US and 90% of Canadian major metropolitan areas. We are already going where you need to be.


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