What it’s like to be an eCommerce driver during peak season

The pandemic put pressure on the job market, pushing careers into opposite groups; those with greater job freedom and those gridlocked in their current situation. Driving for eCommerce steers career opportunity into a new road, with the wheel in the hands of the independent contractor. In this field, drivers control environment, growth, schedule and opportunity.

There are more packages awaiting delivery than drivers able to deliver, the transportation future is bright for a market demanding more capacity. To get started, contract with a business with a reputation for stability and geared toward an environment of growth. With over two million deliveries every week, TForce Logistics has both the demand and flexible network to give you as many miles as you want to drive.

Your roadmap to independent contractor success should cover:

  1. A Good understanding of operating costs, knowing what to measure, how to optimize your equipment, your daily routes and resources, and make the most of your day. . Safety is paramount, so it’s imperative to take care of your equipment and it will take care of you.
  2. Know how to load, identify and handle freight properly. Constantly think about how to improve number of stops per hour, per mile, efficiency is the name of the game. Collaborate with your provider to leverage any technologies they may have to help you maximize productivity and efficiency
  3. View the end consumer as your customer, with you being the last line of defense, the last point of contact ensuring a superior customer experience. Do the little things that define your style; maybe you leave a package behind the hedge because that is the customer’s preference, or maybe you remember to give a friendly wave at the Ring doorbell.
  4. Once those elements are mastered, teach to someone else to help you grow. Scale your business by adding drivers to your fleet.

The freedom of the open road starts with one vehicle; if you have a truck, a driver’s license and positive attitude you have the keys to economic prosperity. Driving for eCommerce is a recession-proof career that continues to grow and you with it… and, you may find you enjoy it more than you first expected.

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